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Courgar911 is a Fake!!

Unknown, Florida

Unfortunately, I paid to join It is awful. They promise Cougar hookups, but the website just sends you false email updates. I believe it also makes up their user profiles with disgusting girls, meaning 5's on a scale of 1-10..

My advice to you... Don't get sucked in. I can't believe Nik Richie from promoted this.


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  • zman
  • Submitted: 09/03/2010
Most of the profiles are scam on there!
get this as a test I created 2 accounts and I was getting identical messages from multiple people throughout a week I was there. Each person sent SAME message to both of my accounts at the same time.
that leads me to believe that the owners are behind creating fake profiles and sending messages to unregistered users trying to get them to register $$$$.

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