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Abner Alabre

Haitian Ponzi Scheme Operator Pleads Guilty

Miramar, Florida

Abner Alabre is charged with running a Ponzi scheme that targeted the Haitian-American community pleaded guilty Friday to one count of conspiracy to commit securities fraud. He was charged in October in connection with a scheme to defraud more than 600 investors throughout South Florida. No sentencing date has yet been set for Alabre.

It was alleged that, between April 2008 and March 2009, the group, through their Delray Beach-based company Homepals Investment Club LLC and its affiliates, operated as a Ponzi scheme that promised investors up to a 100 percent return in just 90 days.

The group raised more than $12 million and investors lost more than $6 million. Part of the money was used to buy interests in a nightclub, a cigar business operated by Michael Muzio, and to pay for other personal expenses.


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