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Kirkland Young LLC

Foreclosure Rescue Scam-Beware

Miami-Dade, Florida

Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum’s office announced it had filed a lawsuit against three Miami-Dade County companies charging them with taking part in a foreclosure rescue scam. One of which is identified as Kirkland Young LLC. The other 2 are Attorney Aid LLC and ABK Consultants. All three companies have allegedly charged up-front and back-end fees. Charging such fees is illegal.

“If your broker asks for any money up front, simply turn and walk away,” said OFR Commissioner Tom Cardwell.

The days of simply hanging out a shingle and opening up a loan modification business are coming to an end in Florida. South Florida ranks fourth in the nation for home loan modifications, with 34,860 through November under President Barack Obama’s Making Home Affordable Program.


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