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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 08/23/2011
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Judy Lyman

Judy Lyman - Vicious, Malicious Internet Harasser

Veneta, Oregon

Judy was on the group WOMANSAVERS with myself and others. Judy has been harassing a group of us non-stop. She like to point fingers and say we are harassing her. Especially Barbara, the old moderator - who was one of the kindest and most honest people. Barbara left because she got sick of the owner's ethics. Judy was so jealous of Barbara she has been attacking her non-stop.

We HAVE all written the FBI Cyber Crimes unit in Judy's area but she keeps it up. She thinks if she screams louder about Diane, Julie, Lorrie and the rest of us people will believe it.

She ran around the net erasing her numberous slams against her ex - Chris Rimmer - so she didn't look like the abusive witch she is.

Works for Best Bet Cleaning (tried to tell us she was a DV Counselor and then worked for the police). She's a CLEANING LADY.


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Judy is a paranoid schizo... she's been pulling shit on for a while now. She and her buddy Charlene from Weston CT smear and harass people endlessly. Judy even sent a skanky pic of herself in a barcalounger to "Wally" - a married man!! Somethings very wrong with Judy. We have all the domestic reports to police from her first marriage as well as that this bitch deeded her house to her son to get out of trouble. You call tell all your new friends that your blogs and lies are coming down Judy... you're an internet f*cktard.
By Anonymous
0 points Anyone who is on here defending Barbara Camwell Ness, or posting on her behalf should read THIS. THIS is what Barbara REALLY thinks of rape victims, women with infertility problems, and CHRISTIAN women, and women PERIOD. She is a PSYCHOPATH.

fromBarbara C
dateWed, Dec 9, 2009 at 8:03 AM
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hide details 12/9/09
when I was deep into infertility treatment - the SAME exact women were on THOSE boards.
That's where I met my dearest friend (the bisexual pagan). She and I would purposely freak
those women who said JEEEZZZUSSS was going to "give them a baby" and cure their ills...
We'd say shit like
Wow, that Jesus must have a huge dick
Jesus has super sperm to give away all those babies for free
Jesus is a player, then
Is Jesus your Baby-Daddy
Fairy Dust, Magical Thinking and JeZUZ will save you
(we happily got kicked from forum to forum and sometimes banned outright)
the women on OP and NRC remind me so much of these same Bible Thumping MORONS.
You know, the cunts who went to college simply for the M.R.S. degree?
Shit if they really read their Bible they'd see its a lot about
I really loathe them - all panties musta been wet over that "abusers working on themselves" forum.
These bitches wouldn't know true abuse if they experienced it. If some huge black man raped them over a dumpster in a backalley, they'd try to help him change and say he must really LOVE them....
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  • Submitted: 10/01/2011
This is why Barbara Camwell Ness twin 13 year old daughters were borne with mental disabilities and are both on SSDI because she shows no regard for God and Jesus! She is scared because she is also on SSDI and is afraid someone with enough intelligence will turn her in to social security/IRS for not reporting income she is receiving under the table on her various SCAM/CON blogs and facebook.SHE is married and always has been to Andrew Ness a VP at Moodys NYC,although,she likes to lie about him beating her on a daily basis to illicit sympathy from real domestic violence victims as well as bleed them for donations to her SANCTUARYFORTHEABUSED,ONE2ONE4VICTIMS,she is "fighter"on the EOPC / and who knows how many others.She has lied,smeared,but,being your typical "PSYCHOPATH"what else is new.IF you have paid her money you were CONNED.She is a 400 pound,6 foot stinking,smelly FREAK .Her mother knew her more than anyone else on this earth and she labeled her right.FREAK!
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  • Submitted: 10/01/2011
I sent money to a domestic violence victim via BARABARA CAMWELL NESS paypal and the victim never got the money-AND-it can be proven through PAYPAL records.BARBARA CAMWELL NESS IS A SCAMMER/LIAR/THIEF,CON-WOMAN.Thank goodness LISA SCOTT THREW HER OFF VAIN-ENCOUNTERS-and-she(BARBARA) is the LIAR that put this woman on here.
  • foxy
  • Submitted: 10/02/2011
Looks like a lot of other people are on to Barbara Camwell Ness on here,as,all of her con/scam sites are listed on here as they should be!
Judy is on under various names. Just ask her buddy Charlene of Weston, CT what she's up to.

Whoever is posting about Barbara is one sick person. And they need to get help.
Judy Lyman (Johnson...) is a nut job. She's on abusing away and bragging about it.

Whoever foxy is - posting under Barb Ness' name is ILLEGAL. That's identity theft. Those of us who have known her for 6-7 years now know you are full of sh*t. Posting stuff about Barb all over this site. Even as low as posting about her kids. If that's you Judy - you're a monster and Agent Trousas has been told all about you. Again.
on the website she posted my real name, my mothers real name, my then 14 year old daughters, and my(then 12 year old) daughters picture. my ex husbands real name as well.

she said that i was at the skating rink every monday night sucking men's dicks in my pickup truck. that my mother, 75, dying in hospice from lou grerigs disease and myself were sucking homeless men off in our house in front of my daughter.

she gave the address(an old one, thank god as i was followed home one night from the only roller rink in miami) and my daughters cell phone number. it was under my name, lorene leather. i tried and tried to get it off. a troll on (curently called eskaring on posted they got it removed by writting to the website.

i beleive my best friend profile is still on there even tho we have repeatedly asked to have it removed.

two other members of womansavers,a music lover and lady sheik moon, said they heard from judy lyman before hand, about the plan to post these dangerous painful lies. they knew and did not warn me. you can find them on daoutskirtz as well. i don't know if they were just talking shit or not. they posted on ws they had a pm from judy lyman saying her intentions and offering them both my personal infor which judy well had.

the phone i used was my mom's. i was living there helping her die. hence ms. lyman had my mothers name, which she posted on physco's and wierdos allong with the acusation that i am an addict. which i assure you i am not.

judy lyman while not legally insane is from what i knew about her an alcoholic. pure and simple

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