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The preemptive no second date text

Rather Not Say, Florida

When on a date... had a great time... she is laughing, smiling joking back and forth etc... So I figure we are in good shape... gentlemanly drop her off... and I say that I am leaving to go out of town the end of the week but let me know if you want to get together before then. She says absolutely... then out of nowhere next day I get this text....

Doesn't look like I will be able to get together this week... little hectic, but enjoy the rest of your visit and a safe trip back...

Ouch the preemptive strike, I was speachless... so pretending not to pick up on here brush of attempt said...

Maybe next time I am in town, I will let you make it up to me!

Subltle but I am not letting this scammer shoot me down!


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Hey Kegboy123... Whats Sarah's last name? I think I took the same girl out last week. She shot me down also.

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