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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 07/10/2023
  • Severity: 10

Brett Christopher Fickey, BRETT FICKEY, CHRIS JUSTICE


Frisco, Texas

He goes to Gateway church in Frisco most of the time. He hides behind his christianity while stealing from everyone possible. Christians are his favorite target. ESPECIALLY CHRISTIAN WOMEN. He needs you to feel guilt easily and offer a lot of forgiveness and be very naive. If you hav money that's a bonus. He will not only destroy your life after making you fall in love with him (it will seem too good to be true). He will take everything you have and move on to the next as if you never existed. He will lie about you, lie to you and lie to everyone around you. You will be called psycho when you find out he's cheating and getups and everything will ALWAYS be turned around on you. You will be attacked and made to feel guilt. He will cry (A LOT), tell you how everyone in his past has cheated and wronged him and are "narcissists." He will basically tell you everything he is and does and blame it on the ex. ALL of them. He is always a victim. He is a VERY VERY convincing, charming, charismatic, emotional, person but everything is done w purpose. It seems soooooo real but it is not. He will record every conversation and he will watch you, spy on you and follow you. you will not get away easily or without loss. He is evil and he is the worst wolf in sheep's clothing that ever existed.
And ladies, beware! He will charm you and take anything of value that you own. Infidelity is another one of his specialties, of course, because the more women he is lying to, the more money he can con"
Atlas Construction Group USA
Thief, Liar, Business and Romantic Con Artist Denton, Plano, Frisco, Dallas, Texas,
Submitted: 06/26/2014
Brett Fickey is a liar, thief, and con artist!!!!!! This guy needs to be put away for a long time!!

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