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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 03/15/2023
  • Severity: 10

Josephine Gomez

Child Molester

Vernon, Texas

Josephine Gomez aka Josie Gomez is a dangerous narcissistic sociopath and, WORST of all, a CONVICTED CHILD MOLESTER.
Josephine Gomez aka Josie Gomez is a disgusting, putrid old raggedy woman who has a lengthy criminal record of fraud, theft, drugs, shoplifting, kidnapping, CHILD MOLESTATION, SEX TRAFFICKING, and even first degree murder of her own son. Josephine Gomez aka Josie Gomez murdered her son on or about the time period of Y2K.
The only reason she was not put in prison for the crime of murder, is only due to a technicality.
This old, weathered drug addled old woman is old, yes, however she is as evil as any other criminal.
She is a jealous, lonely, washed up hag who, despite her extremely lengthy criminal history, parole status, high-level supervision by law enforcement, still goes around malevolent and obsessively stalking other women via phone calls, revenge porn, and other cowardly tactics.
This haggard old woman has absolutely no life and no one and nothing to live for. Her only dose of satisfaction is to stalk younger, fresher, far better women via harassment calls (From spoofed phone numbers), online stalking, and other cowardly methods.
This old witch, Josephine Gomez aka Josie Gomez is a bitter, shriveled, dried up old mess.
She operates in the dark, as all scared, weak, crawling cowards do.
She also makes chump change money for her poor self by actively participating in and often leading CHILD SEX TRAFFICKING RINGS, CHILD PORNOGRAPHY, AND EVEN MOLESTING CHILDREN HERSELF.
This heinous old woman has zero boundaries when it comes to preying on those smaller and more defenseless than herself.

If you're interested in contacting this coward (For, let's say, legal purposes ), feel free to reach out and touch her at her job at a company in Vernon, Texas.
That direct phone number is: (940)552-5162.
The company is formerly known as : OK Concrete.
It's name has changed, however it is still the same company.
Remember :
Josephine Gomez aka Josie Gomez.
Vernon, Texas.
1610 Frontage North
Vernon, TX. 76384.

That's Josephine Gomez aka Josie Gomez, conessiour of helpless little children in kidding porn, sexual deviant, punk-ass criminal, baby killer, criminal, Coward.

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Child Molester


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