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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 02/22/2023
  • Severity: 10

Ben Mcloughlin

FRAUD against customers, Theft of Financial information

kansas, Kansas

Rated 1 out of 5 stars
17 hours ago
I opened an account with the scammers called "" two years ago.
They are not a bank. They are a go-between for various bank accounts. However, the owners are a bunch of cheap, lazy crooks who refuse to invest in anything that helps the collective customers. They are willing to invest in anything that makes their website look "good," but for the customers, they are UNWILLING to help in any manner. The worst example is the fact that has NO depository account. This means that, every morning, when another bank's rates go up & you then want to transfer your money to that higher interest bank, you first have to transfer all of your money out of the previous bank and all back into your linked bank account. THIS IS A HUGE PROBLEM, BECAUSE YOUR LINKED BANK KEEPS FLAGGING ALL OF THESE CONSTANT TRANSFERS AS "FRAUD." THEN YOUR LINKED BANK WILL EVENTUALLY BAN YOUR ACCOUNT, SHUT YOU DOWN, AND YOU LOSE THAT ENTIRE BANK ACCOUNT! AN THIS ALL BECAUSE owners are too cheap to create an internal transfer system, so that you don't have to keep transferring large amounts of money into and out your personal linked account, which will quickly get you banned. also has ZERO customer phone support. And when you email their "support team," absolutely no one ever responds.
For all other victims: I suggest you post a complaint about on It is extremely easy to do and very quick. And it's the only way to get the cheap owners' attention.

The President of this SCAMMING company is Ben Mcloughlin.


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