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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 09/12/2022
  • Severity: 10

Judge Michael Amerian

Child Pornography

Los Angeles, California

"Judge" Michael Amerian--Everything That's wrong with the (IN)justice system In California.

I refuse to address this crooked individual with the title of "The Honorable"... because he has absolutely no honor. He also lacks any and all shred of ethics, morals, fairness, objectivity, professionalism, honesty.

"Judge" Michael Amerian is merely a token.
Michael Amerian came by his position on the Bench as a result of connections, the need to fill certain positions with certain races, some back scratching among the Good Ole Boys (If you want to call them "good" ole boys), and a favor called in.
Michael Amerian was appointed to the bench initially--After this, more likely he will have to be voted in by the public. And if the public has any decency and common sense, Michael Amerian will not be on the bench and will merely be facing the bench from then on.

Michael Amerian is corrupt above and beyond the usual corruption of judicial officers.

He reminds me a lot of Judge Davis Walgren, Judge (Formerly Commissioner) Alicia Yoko Blanco, and Judge (Formerly Commissioner) Deborah Losnick.

Just like the individuals named above, Michael Amerian renders rulings based upon his personal bias and the word passed on by his buddies down the hall who render decisions in their own court rooms.

Michael Amerian does NOT make rulings based upon evidence and proof provided, regardless of how well-documented said evidence and proof are.

He does NOT render decisions based upon fairness or hard facts or to grant justice.

As mentioned, he renders decisions based upon his personal bias and the Word passed on by his buddies down the hall who render decisions in their own court rooms.

Honesty has no place in the dead eyes or empty head of Michael Amerian.

Furthermore, he despises females. And be prepared if you are a female litigant in his court room, as he will most likely ram you with his lack of justice despite all of the documents, receipts, official paperwork & other hard facts that you present to him.

If you're facing off with another female, he will be sure to render a decision for the party that he chooses based on how many more hairs he has lost that morning before taking the bench.

You may question who I am and how I have come by the things that I've posted. And I assure you that common sense can explain and give legitimacy to all that I've posted.

I was a litigant in his courtroom.

I was involved in a case in which another male individual had named me in his law suit, simply because I was related to someone else whom he was suing but could not serve.

So he decided to sue me, instead, although I had absolutely no involvement and was not a party to his action, in order to get a judgement so that he could attempt to collect money.

When we got to Michael Amerian's courtroom, he had already (Yes, ALREADY) made up his mind before the trial had even begun.

Yes, he had studied the case and knew the issues and facts.

However, he had already decided to render a ruling for the lying plaintiff regardless of anything that I had to say, explain, present as proof.

He was loath to continue the case when I presented proof that I had just been served with papers (Additional documents previously required) in the hallway while we were waiting for the courtroom to open, just seconds before.

This was in view of the law that requires an individual to be served a certain amount of DAYS before a case.

These were my due process rights. And he even stated, on record, that he was loath to grant me a continuance.

He did grant it, but only after he forced me to basically beg him, while he looked on with a snide smirk and enjoyed my incredulity.

And all of that was beside the facts that just minutes ago I had presented evidence to him that I was NOT even a party to the plaintiff's action and did so with valid, current identification--And as to that, he actually stated that, all the plaintiff had to do was point at me and allege that I was the party to his action, despite my rock-hard evidence to the contrary, and he would accept it as "fact."

So. now all one needs to do is point at anyone off the street, lie that so and so "stole 8 trillion dollars from him" and Amerian will grant an 8 million dollars judgement.

Wow--When we cannot rely on those put in charge and in power of that which so crucially affects us, we are in fact for all purposes, DEAD.

I went home and filed a form to recuse him.

I was instantly denied by his buddy down the hall (Judge Walmark).

Banana Republic indeed is not just a retail store.

And the Wild West indeed is not a ghost town--It's actively inhabited by a child molester by the name of Michael Amerian.

(Oh, did I mention that "Judge" Michael Amerian had had multiple accusers, PARENTS, as to his dark activities with very young, defenseless little boys?

Well I've mentioned it now.

Yes, the DIShonorable Michael Amerian had and has tastes that run partial to 4-9 year old boys. And he likes to lure them with toys and candies. But not just any candies. These candies are of the HIGH variety.

He uses edibles {Because who would really know the difference?} and render them sleepy and weak, while he enjoys the fruits of his very little labor).

He he has had multiple accusations and police reports.

However, someone always helped him out by burying the paperwork.

Of course.

And so he lives to wreak havok in the court system another day).

I filed other timely and appropriate documents, which, by law, could not be decided by hi,

And yet those motions were immediatly dismissed (Removed) and signed off by Michael Amerian, as well.

Because when you leave the mouse in charge of the cheese, and allow the inmates to run the asylum, you know you do not stand a chance.

Please take the opportunity to vote NO the next time Micheal Amerian comes up for re-election.

You never know when you or a loved one or a friend will have the ill luck of winding up before him for a case of any type.


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