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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 08/13/2022
  • Severity: 10

Attorney Jeff Dominic Price

Sexual Predator, Crooked Attorney

Santa Monica, California

The public has a constitutional right to see all experiences and information in order to make informed decisions. It's called freedom of information & right to consent.
Here was my experience: Mr. Price represented me in a criminal case & civil case. WHILE he was my attorney, he hit on me. He actually preyed on me--And this is a FAR more accurate description of his behaviour.
Jeff Dominic Price has always been a toxic individual. I cannot call him a "man."
A real man, let alone an attorney, would never do the things that Jeff Dominic Price did to me.
Jeff Dominic Price used my vulnerabilities as an inmate in the system, my stress as a defendant, my suffering as a woman who had had a tragic childhood & did not yet know and realize her self-worth & certainly did not yet know the way the world operates (I have since learned all of these things & have begun my path, albeit a long one, to healing & becoming a much better person).
He used me, lied to me, manipulated me, and had me believing all manner of things-Many false, some true, some a combination of both.
It's not that Jeff Price was terribly clever or even highly intelligent--I mean, all toxic narcissistic sociopaths are good at lying, only by virtue of being practiced.
I was alone, scared, terrified, under tremendous pressure, most days denied meals by some very corrupt Los Angeles County jail Sheriff's Deputies, harassed daily, and therefore open to the manipulations of some sleazy, sub-skilled lawyer who came along & decided that I was the perfect victim for his goals & schemes,
(It's not at all ironic that, a few years later, he did this same thing to another female & ended up getting her pregnant with 2 daughters, as well. It IS ironic that those 2 same daughters were not just taken from the drug-addicted woman, but also taken from sleazy Jeff Price, an attorney, who did NOT have the skills enough to go up against DCFS and win his 2 twin daughters back. Sometimes Karma is indeed beautiful).
So, going back to those years when I was incarcerated & in need of an attorney: He frequently visited me. These were recreational visits, however he dishonestly entered as an "attorney visit."
The jail staff hated him and they held zero respect for him (And, as I came to discover, many court staff and even other attorneys deplored him as well).
See the pattern: An extremely unethical lawyer doing highly illegal things to get what he wanted.
Wish I'd headed the red flags back then.
(But now I know that was another teaching moment in my life. I now take those lessons to heart and allow NO ONE to even remotely disrespect me).
I subsequently posted bail & was released.
He subsequently got me pregnant. As a result there is a daughter from this unethical union initiated by Jeff Dominic Price.
Does one need any further proof than an actual human?
And result of the cases? He colluded with the other side.
They paid him off. He dismissed the civil case against them.
And no, he never shared a single penny of that illegal pay off.
There is a LOT more I can post. However, at this time (But not for all time), I'll leave it at this.
(I wouldn't be surprised if his mentally challenged ex-girlfriend, Josephine Gomez, from her literal cheap trailer, posted some off-kilter, grammatically terrible comments here. She was his girlfriend back when they were in school and he was just a repulsive Loser--Just as he is now. Josie Gomez has been known to stalk several of his partners after they split up and she's been carrying a torch for him all of these years. But, whether she does or not, hey, whatever...NOTHING can cover up the truth, just as one cannot cover up the Sun with one finger).

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Sexual Predator, Crooked Attorney


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