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Tori Anne Rouse

SCAMMER, Thief, Psychopath

Wichita, Kansas

I am aware that a very disturbed woman, Tori Anne Rouse, has come to this and several other sites, and has posted absolutely FALSE things about me.

Hello to all,
I, Teresa, will defend myself here (And this stands for all other places that this TOXIC Narcissistic Sociopath, Tori Anne Rouse has stalked and slandered me on, for several years).

Tori Anne Rouse aka Tori Rouse aka Tori Davis is indeed a Malignant Psychopath.
It all started several years ago, when on Youtube, via Youtuber Personality's public comment section, I made an innocent remark.
We currently reside in a country where we have rights to "free" speech.
At that time I never knew that this monster Psychopath, Tori Anne Rouse even existed.
She found and latched unto me via the comments section.
When I dared to rightfully defend myself, one time, she went into her Narcissistic rage and attacked me with the most insane and UNTRUE allegations.
She Falsely accused me of having "multiple accounts,: and other ridiculously FALSE allegations.
(Toxic Narcissists such as this one always REflect & DEflect.
Therefore, when the NARCISSIST HERSELF is guilty of certain things, SHE Falsely accuses you of those things.
In reality, Tori Anne Rouse, the Monster Narcissist & Psychopath had and now has thousands of FAKE accounts and Non-Existent "followers" that she uses for her social media accounts and to PRETEND to be someone that she is not and never will be).
She then immediatly went on her Pathetic & Always Negativity-filled Youtube channel & made sevral Illegal, Defamatory. Falsified videos of me, in which she Illegaly used my images and Vlogs without my consent & against my objections, Violated MANY COPYRIGHT LAWS, made FALSE accusations, Slandered, Defamed me. She also stupidly thought she was doing "something" by mentioning my arrest record. However, my arrest record was never been a secret.
Yes, I have had an arrest record.
We all make mistakes.
I am not down with those mistakes.
And have used mistakes to learn from make better and far more excellent choices in life.
About my record: It is a boring, UNcontroversial list of thefts and of one self-defense incident form a very long time ago, and more thefts.
My past is UNcontroversial. Nothing debatable, nothing out of the ordinary. Quite boring.
Again, my arrest record has never been a secret (So Tori Anne Rouse had accomplished nothing. In fact, she never had anything on me, so this was her desperate attempt to put me in a negative light, which never worked for her. It did, however, make her look far more stupid and ridiculous. And she's very angry for that).
(Actually, so many citizens of society have a record. So this is nothing unusual).
I had in fact fully publicized my arrest record long ago, via my Social Media Sites, in order to Inspire, Help, Motivate people and give them immense hope to do better and to live better. See, I am a Life Coach, Public Speaker, Motivational Specialist. I use my personal adversities and experiences to help and inspire others. My arrest record is my PLATFORM to do so. And I am very proud!
Most importantly, I am also an avid Animal Activist.
I do what I am most ever passionate about and absolutely love. And I excel.

Continuing to Toxic Tori Rouse (As so very many people call her and which I absolutely agree with).
Tori Anne Rouse is a malignantly disturbed, disordered personality type.
She is a monster. And she is a die-hard monster.
If you research, via the internet, Toxic Narcissist & Malignant Sociopath, you will easily see all of the traits of this type of monster.
However, her disorders give her NO excuse for the terrible things that she has done and continues to do.
Malignant Sociopaths do know better and always are fully aware of their actions and take every action with deliberate intent.
Eversince years ago, when this trash monster found me and latched unto and attacked me, she has stalked, harassed, followed, still stalked, slandered, defamed, lied about via FALSIFIED posts, all over the internet.
However, also be aware that my friends, professional associates, and all others who personally know me, have posted TRUE AND FACTUAL REBUTTALS to her FALSE posts and have defended me.
They have also posted the TRUTH and the FACTS about Tori Anne Rouse.
Tori Anne Rouse herself has a criminal record.
And Toxic Tori Rouse's criminal record, though she's only in her twenties (Though she looks older and more haggard), her reputation is one of ill repute.
Her criminal record includes, but is not limited to, very heinous, controversial, serious matters.
Oh, she Falsely denies it. But facts remain facts. Toxic narcissists deny and lie about everything.
Tori Rouse is also, and importantly, an animal abuser (Disregard the PHONY videos that she's posted, after being exposed as an animal abuser, of her being a "per parent."
She is overcompensating for what is really a most abhorrent fact about herself).
She is a pathological liar. She is also a full-time so-called "victim."
She has been the aggressor and has instigated problems, trouble, fights, for years and then has lied that she's the alleged "victim."
When she has had to deal with the legal responses and rebuttals to and fallout and consequences of her negative actions, she could not & cannot take the heat (Or the truth). Thus, she continues to play "victim" and beg for peoples' sympathy.
She is a manipulator.
Yes, despite not being intelligent (and she'll flash her college degree to overcompensate for the facts that i have put forth. However, anyone can cheat and obtain a degree), she is an effective manipulator. Toxic narcissists are effective manipulators and liars because they've had so much practice.

All in all, Tori Anne Rouse is a liar.
Nothing she has ever alleged and continues to Falsely allege can ever be trusted.
And NO "reply" or other posts that she's ever posted and continues to post will ever be truth.
As she is also a coward, she cannot stand on her own.
For that reason, she spends inordinate hours of her lonely days (Her husband neglects her) obsessively studying me, from afar, and contacting others.
Yes, she is obsessed with me.
Toxic narcissists are always threatened by brave, strong people.

Tori Rouse:
She is a die-hard toxic individual and a coward.
She is an UNaccomplished, low-level (In fact, sub-level-human being who is defective & literally and figuratively diseased and incapable of learning..

I, however, am greatful of my adversities and journey, for they have made and continue to make me a better person.
My adversities, learning process, journey have not been easy.
They have been very trying.
Yet I am a soldier and survivor. I am brave, learned, accomplished and greatful.
I am, as well, still on this journey and still learning.
But that's life....


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Who Scammed You Commenter
You did exactly what I knew you did. You just proved my point that you are the one writing false posts about me. Teresa, you claim that I have a record, so what are the case numbers? Where are my arrest records? They do not exist. I am taking legal action against you. You just showed that it is you by writing these and I hope you know that.
Tori Rouse,
Please go somewhere and bury yourself.
You're nothing but a MANIPULATOR AND A LIAR.
And everything you've done these past several years serves what I've stated here.
You obsessively latched unto Teresa a few years ago, when all she'd done was innocently post a comment on a PBLIC comments forum that had nothing to do with you and was none of your business. In fact, at that time, she had not even known you existed. But you chose to attack and latch on to her.
Eversince then, you've been stalking and her with slanderous allegations and lies (Which are in fact all about YOUR own sorry self, because you're a narcissistic and malignant sociopath and you mirror and reflect upon others).
You'll never amount to anything and you'll never accomplish anything positive.
All you do, everyday, is stalk Teresa's (And other peoples') social media pages, personal information, and anything else you can find while you fixate on and stalk them and then make up wild, ridiculous exaggerations, untruths, and other unsubstantiated claims.
And, in case you chose to again falsely claim that I'm supposedly "Teresa," this time I personally invite you to take your sloppy, loose, saggy, baggy, prematurely aged ass and pig-nosed self, you ugly skank, and pay us a visit here in Cali. I mean, you're a stalker, so you already have her address.
SO please do buy a plane, train, or bus ticket and come see us.
And yes, travel is still possible and even easy even during the pandemic.
I'd LOVE to show you just how much I'm not her and just how many more of us there are. It'll be a "very fun and educational" vacation for you, Tori.
You're simply a worthless human and a waste of oxygen that should be utilized by far far more worthy beings than a waste like you, Tori.
But yes, please oh please come down here. Please, Tori.

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