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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 08/27/2020
  • Severity: 10

Tori Anne Rouse

Child Pornography

Wichita, Kansas

Tori Anne Rouse
Wichita, Kansas
Have you heard of a Racist, Manipulative, Animal Abusing, Child Molesting Psychopath by the name of Tori Anne Rouse?
Also a liar, hypocrite, manipulator, Phony "victim," who causes trouble with everyone, but then when she has to face the consequences, she cries, whines, snitches, plays on everyone's sympathy and pretends to be the "victim."
In reality, this online bully is sad-ass COWARD.
Tori Anne Rouse aka Tori Rouse aka Tori's Stories aka Tori Anne Davis.
Simply Google the sorry, pathetic bychh, Tori Anne Rouse.
Can you believe this woman has a "job" working with CHILDREN?
Yes. And the ONLY reason that ever happened is because this tech savvy jackass hacked the system in order to hide her criminal record.
Wonder how her co-dependent, pathetic, doormat husband feels about all the fallout of being married to this sloppy slob and evil monster (And the fact that they're going to continue to live in abject poverty because, once Ole Toxic Tori loses this job (And she WILL sooner or later lose this job), they're only going to have one income (Cannot imagine anyone hiring this CRIMINAL, in the future, once they Google her sorry ass. Now THAT can never be hidden).

This is the type of highly manipulative person who instigates trouble, but, when she has to face the consequences and exposure of the trouble she's caused, suddenly cries and whines about being the so-called "victim" and plays on everyone's sympathy and gets them to feel sorry for her (ONLY because people are not aware of both sides of the story and so get played for fools and get manipulated into doing her bidding).
Personally, neither myself nor anyone else would ever want to go through life being an object of pity (Like ole Toxic Tori).

Sure, she might come here and post yet another FALSE "comment," BUT IT'S ALL LIES.
Tori Anne Rouse having anything to say is like a homeless bum farting on a littered sidewalk corner.
No one should pay it any mind and none of makes any sense.

You know how Toxic Narcissistic psychopaths are.
They're always terrified of being exposed.
Well, TOO LATE, Toxic Tori....


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Who Scammed You Commenter
Teresa Violet Arasheben posted this false defamatory post about me.
Tori Anne Rouse
Child Pornography
Wichita, Kansas
Tori Anne Rouse.
Tori Anne Rouse, a current resident of Wichita, Kansas, also goes by several other names:
Tori Anne Rouse aka Tori Anne Davis (Her married name), Tori Rouse aka Tori Davis.
Her husband, Trey Davis, is her accomplice in over 61 crimes, including but not limited to the following:
Child sex trafficking
Child Pornography
Sexual Acts Committed Upon A Minor
Lewd Acts Conducted In Public
Aggravated assaults committed upon minors
Rental Scams
Loan Fraud
Hate Crimes upon blacks and other minority groups
Second Degree Burglary
And a motley list of other egregious crimes.
See, Tori Anne Rouse is a narcissistic psychopath.
This also means that she's a practiced manipulator, liar, attention-seeker, envious, hateful, bitter, pathetic woman who has done and continues to do anything she can to skew, warp, disassemble facts into lies and on and on just to get other peoples' sympathy.\Simply put, she's a horrendous manipulator.
She instigates trouble, causes problems, is the aggressor in everything negative that happens, but then turns it all around on someone else and cries and screams that she's a "victim: and manipulates others to get them to feel sorry for her.
Other than that, Tori Anne Rouse has NO friends, no one who cares about her or loves her.
She is a walking sack of negativity and does harm to many, many people.
She is a bitter, envious, jealous, raging alcoholic who cannot conduct let alone improve her own life, so she just focuses and fixates on others.
Meanwhile, she's created her Youtube and other social media with nothing but FAKE, PHONY "followers."
Yes, all of her "followers" are her own made-up accounts, which she's spent years creating, in order to manipulate the process.
And that right there is another method and more proof of her:
Manipulative Tactics
Circumvention of proper channels
Financial Fraud
And other illegal activities.
(Yet she blames others of what, really, she and only she herself has done and continues to do.
This is another mirroring tactic, thus evidencing the fact that she's a malevolent sociopath/psychopath).

Tori Anne Rouse aka Tori Anne Davis and her husband, Trey Davis.
There are also two videos of these 2 fools getting drunk, PUBLICLY, on her Yotube channel (You know, the one with all of her FAKE "followers.")
These two videos were posted on Toxic Tori's YT channel in the past, in approximately 2017 or 2018.
We have the FULL videos for anyone who is interested.
Simply contact us).

Hi Trey!
How ya doing?

Trey Davis
Trey Davis
Tori Anne Davis
Tori Anne Rouse
Trey Davis
Tori Davis
Tori Rouse

Rental Scammers
Con Artists

Trey Davis
Tori Anne Davis
Tori Anne Rouse
Trey Davis

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