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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 03/11/2020
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Paul Ayling

Shaman Healing is Fake

Portsmouth, GDD

This is a practicing "shaman healer" in the South-east England (Portsmouth) area who claims to be able to heal people's ailments using so-called spiritual healing. He has his own website and practices under the name paultheshaman / wuchipaul. £90 is his rate for a two-hour session of 'spiritual healing'. Like everyone else in his trade, this is just a pseudonym for cold-reading, which he does a rather unconvincing job of.

My session with him consisted of him miming pulling out "bad energy" from my abdomen, then he mimed picking up something and putting back in and claimed he'd given me back a part of my soul. I was bored throughout being reunited with my soul btw and it didn't cure my illness like he said it would.

Also ironic he’s an ex-martial arts teacher, not that that’s a bad thing except he’s a pacifist and combat sports are like the ultimate form of unnecessary violence lol !

Don't believe anyone who claims to have supernatural powers, kthx


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