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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 12/09/2019
  • Severity: 10

Jim Starnes

Dropshipping & Forex Scam

St. Louis, Missouri

I was scammed out of $998 by Jim Starnes on Instagram. He said he has been trading forex for the last 5 years and that he was a multi millionaire drop shipper. I quickly realized after buying his drop shipping course that he was a total fraud and the course itself was a scam. It provided no real value like he promised it would and the information was so vague and useless I was infuriated that I fell for this loser's scam operation he has going on. After doing an instagram account audit on Jim Starnes it turns out that roughly 75% of the 11 thousand followers he has on IG were all fake Instagram accounts. Basically robots following him, and half dont even have profile pictures that are following him. Most of his follower's accounts were created in Indonesia, China, Iraq, and Pakistan. He barley has more than 2,000 USA followers so that was a giant RED FLAG! Once I initiated a chargeback with my bank I finally got my money back after weeks of waiting for an answer. He almost scammed me into buying his forex trading course until a few people that were also scammed by Jim Starnes told me that his forex course was also a scam. apparently he stole Cue Bank's forex course and claimed it as his own work. Cue Bank's is a multi millionaire forex trader and Jim thought no one would notice that he completely stole someone else's course and hard work only to pawn it off as his own.
Jim Starnes is a thief, a fraud, a scammer, and a world class clown. Idk how many people were scammed by him, but I've spoken to a handful of them after I fell for his tricks. I just want people to be aware that he is not who he says he is. One of my close friends bought into his forex chat room, his signals, and his web course only to lose a ton of money in the markets because Jim clearly has ZERO first hand knowledge about the stock market, the forex market, and cryptocurrency. He claimed he made $500k off bitcoin this year alone, and claims to make more than $10,000 a month drop shipping, yet has shown no proof whatsoever of that being true at all. he drives a beat up Mitsubishi Lancer yet claims to be this successful rich drop shipper and forex guru. STAY FAR AWAY from this guy! He only wants to rip you off and act like he's making hundreds of thousands per year. If that were true, he wouldn't be driving a car that's worth like $7,000 used.
Jimmy Starnes is a joke. No different than any other "guru" or "world class mentor". That's straight up garbage. He knows nothing about either of the subjects that he says he does. He's living paycheck to paycheck and barely getting by. It's obvious now. He is truly the scum of the earth.


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