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Garrison Design Build

Garrison Design Build/Florida Design Build

West Palm Beach, Florida, 33406

General Contracting firm that does not pay sub-contractors for work completed. First invoices are paid accordingly but once "credit" is established he stops paying. He hides under separate corporate veils and then resigns from offices which side-steps legal actions. I, as well as others, have claims of lien on most of his projects.


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Wow.. What a piece a crap..
  • Submitted: 02/01/2011
I actually know this company and I can say that this is totally false. They have been in business for over 10 years and I have known them approximately 8 of them and just recently had them complete a project for me.
  • V8er
  • Submitted: 02/18/2011
I'm sorry that you have to hear this TOMWPB but I also have been scammed by Kevin Richardson and Garrison Design Build. It was the same scenario, where Kevin paid me at first, then skipped out on the rest of the payment agreement. Basically, he stole my intellectual property and sold it. It was the worst betrayal, because it completely turned my life upside down both emotionally and monetarily... Lucky for me, I was able to recover from this betrayal and have grown stronger because of it.
Garrison Design Build is a fraud company where Kevin hires cheap labor and makes them sign a non-competent contract. This makes employees working under him and who want to quit, are left with a very narrow option to apply and work for its competent companies. Kevin, who heads Chicago office has not paid its employees for more than 6 months and expects them to continue working without pay. He makes the international employees to file for the work visa (H1B) and promise to pay for it (but never did), who are eventually left with no option but to work for him because of all the contracts and bonds he makes them sign. This is a mere example of forced and cheapest labor.

Please beware of Garrison Design Build and specially Kevin Richardson, owner of Garrison LLC since they are a big fraud to the construction industry.
This guy is a p.o.s. he is a liar and a fraud. Avoid this company and specifically Kevin Richardson as he is a piece of crap, a liar, and a complete fraud.
Kevin Richardson, president of Garrison Build Inc, formerly known as Garrison Design Build llc, is a fraud who hires construction workers then does not pay them. He will pay a little after 30 days then will trickle money in to keep the employee on the hook. He has lied so much he gets his lies confused. Even believes his own lies. DO NOT WORK FOR THIS COMPANY UNLESS YOU WANT TO WORK FOR FREE!
TOMWPB I love to say this but your probably involved with this fraud somehow if you think Garrison Build is a legit company. He screws everyone he hires by not paying them what he owes. Kevin is a rip off, liar, cheat, fraud and a coward who thinks cheating men out of their money makes him larger than he really is. Don't trust short boys like him unless you're involved with his scams and if you are then you're just like him.

Kevin Richardson, President of Garrison Design Build, is a criminal. He is on probation in Texas (Potter County) for a felony conviction in 2005. The crime was theft. In 2009, he was arrested in Potter County for probation violations. Kevin Richardson has been charged (again) with theft stealing of >$25K (another felony) related to construction building in Missouri. The case is set for trial in April 2011.
LaVerdad great post on this piece of crap. Please let us know more info about the trial date and time. I know some folks who would love to be there to chat with the proseccutor. He is a rip off and now people know he's a fraud, and convicted criminal.
Information is available to the public on the following website:

Case Number: 0831-CR09307-01 - State of Missouri vs. Kevin Wayne Richardson

Hello LaVerdad and thanks for the previous response. Any links to his criminal activities in potter county texas? Please forward
Hello GinWPB please let me know the lien process so I too can lien his jobs. He owes several men thousands of dollars. Your help will be appreciated
As employees, you do not have the right to lien the jobs. However, it is a criminal felony In Texas for an employer to intentionally avoid payment of wages owed to an employee, to continue to employ the employee and to fail after demand to pay those wages. (Texas Labor Code - Section 61.019. Failure to Pay Wages)

Immediately contact the Texas Attorney General's Office and they will investigate and pursue this claim for you. The main number is 512.463.2100.

You may also want to contact the Potter County Probation Department at 806.378.3700 and inform them of this crime against you and others by Kevin Richardson and your claim with the Texas Attorney General's office.

Your anger with Mr. Richardson is understandable, but I suggest you remain calm and professional when discussing your situation to these agencies. Stick to the facts. Avoid the foul language and insults regarding his stature ~ this will only hurt your case.

Good luck.
LaVerdad thanks for the advice you've been helpful.
Kevin Richardson plead guilty to a misdemeanor today in Missouri. The charges were reduced from the felony for theft. He received 2 years supervised probation. With this second chance, hopefully Kevin will stop the lies and poor business practices. He should now be able to pay his employees and sub-contractors, instead of his lawyers.
I think he is such a big fraud person that he does not care for all these. because he is still doing same...cheating people on bigger level now....somebody just tell those guys who are working at their walmart projects that they are going to get nothing........I dont know why these government agencies like labor deartment does not take any action against him.....he should be punished like hell....he is playing with peoples feeling and families....he should be jailed forever.....
Clearly this is an easy way for someone to hide behind screen names and post vile content on a company that someone has worked for in the past..
I am one of several people that Garrison and Kevin Richardson is helping put through school. They have donated new locker rooms for our gym and help single parents put there kids through charter schools.
Thanksgiving they pass out full meals to families and Christmas they give kids presents who other wise would not have anything to open.
Although you post about his pass you clearly don't know Kevin or Garrison because he uses it as an example to youth.
I think you make a weak point when you say that employees have not been paid and nothing is being done about it. Because they have been paid and still yet Garrison and Kevin are still winning bids and contracts..

You keep telling yourself that Kevin. Clearly there are many people you have not paid. There are so many postings on this site about you and your fraud company. I don't see postings for other businesses. Whatever makes you feel better.

Beware to anyone that applies for a job with Garrison Design Build. The Con Artist will promise you money and wealth. You will end up working for free or you will have to beg for your earnings. Your checks will bounce all the way to the bank.
I know a few people that have filed a claim against Garrison in Texas...Everytime I call the Courthouse to find out how it is coming along, they ask me for his bank information. I never recieved a check stub from him so I don't know. Can anyone help me with this information so I can get what is rightfully mine? Thanks
He wrote me two bad checks in FL. I got my money after a month. His acct is with Chase Bank but this acct is frozen due to "irregularities". My advice, contact Springfield Missouri Att. Generals Office. You could at least get some get back. He's on probation in Missouri for fraud against Liberty Bank. A.A.G.James Ronald Carrier was the prosecutor.
When you filed your original claim they should have given you a case #. These complaints should be handled through the Texas Att. Gen. Office / TX Work Force Commission. I don't quite get why you would be calling the courthouse. At any rate, these are the people you need to be in contact with.
Has anyone received a W-2 from Garrison?
Hey to all....He started cheating new people with new name TWENTY INC in Texas.....Please look at his website and spread this to as many as people to avoid working with him.
Really Again.. Dude I have heard what your doing in Dubai.. somebody is going to catch on..
Scam Scam Scam .. After NOT Being paid & fed repeated LIES from Kevin Richardson I decided to google him.. And what do you know.. he has been doing this for a LONG TIME! It is obvious that Kevin himself has commented as "a person that worked for him".. You aren't fooling anyone. Your arrest record speaks for itself!
Unfortunately I'm his latest victim. Under his 20 Rule location in Texas. I have debt collectors on his case at the moment. Performed services and never paid. Lies, bounced checks, more lies. His co workers are in on it, unless of course its him emailing from those addresses which is likely

I filed a complaint with the Texas DA, MO State Att and will be lambasting him and his company thoroughly on all social media sites

Unfort for him I also hired a PI who found his home address, his license plate number, where he hangs out, who with. So worth the money.

If it makes everyone feel any better I am not going to let him get away with it this time unscathed. Karma is going to physically hurt him this time. Thankfully I have good friends in very very low places. Ah this is going to be enjoyable.

Private Investigator tailing him-

- Tracking device on him, cant say where or how many
- Cell phone tapped
- Warrant about to be issued for his arrest
- Got a few really low down guys about to take care of him
His most current info for those that need it:
cell 469-278-8258

His PO Officer:
Dallas County Community Supervision & Corrections Department
Central Office
Officer Cassel
ML# C000402653
133 N. Riverfront Blvd. 8th floor.
Dallas, Texas 75207
Phone: 214-875-4800
Fax: 214-875-4996

He has 3 DWI's currently and is on probation for them- total more infraction and he is done for good. Report his behavior to the Dallas County DA's office.

DOB Dec 1969

Most recent addresses:
3505 Turtle Creek Blvd Apt 9G
Dallas TX 75219-5566

Other records show him at same address possibly in Apt 5E

Very swanky condo he is living in with your unpaid money

Last known bank: Midsouth Bank Dallas under "Twenty Rule"
Acct/Routing: 065203431 1272489

His Attorney:

Recent lawsuit:

Good luck guys. Lets finish this guy for good. This guy is an obvious sociopath. He doesnt feel remorse or even that he is doing anything wrong. He is so far into the criminal mindset that he doesn’t get that he is a criminal. He does not need to exist on this planet.

Check back here and as he runs (and he will, scared little lamb) we will post periodic updates with his current info per PI reports.

This is what happens when you don’t hug your kid enough, or Uncle touchy gets his hands on your kid. Remember this and don’t let your kids grow up to be like this human being.
  • GetKR
  • Submitted: 04/09/2015
Thanks for the updated info on KR. We were similarly scammed and ripped off. Will be looking forward to any updates you have!

BTW, what about Shea Villa? She was his cohort in our situation and facilitated all the transactions and commitments, but claimed to just be a marketing partner to 20 Inc called Vivie Media, The site has been taken down now, but while it was up it said it was a "subsidiary of 20 Inc". She's just as guilty as he is in my book.
Is Kevin still out there being nice to people? Wow I really thought he would be found out by now? The good guys finish last it seems.
They are still in Dallas. I'm yet another to lose to their games. If you need to find them look no further than Ritz Carlton condos Dallas. I hope they are enjoying their lifestyle on our dimes.
Post his real address so people can visit him and call Dallas DA
Was looking at La Vita Townhomes in Farmers Branch, TX. Is this the same Kevin Richardson? Wants $1,000 deposit and nothing's built yet.
WOW.. Search Vita Townhomes, he still has his same phone number, it is on Facebook.. USE EXTREME CAUTION!!
He seems to be invincible .. Is he Superman?
Mr. Richardson is no longer on the Farmers Branch project.
Who Scammed You Commenter
I confess!!! I did it all!!! Hahaha!!! Suckers. You'll never catch me. Call me anytime. I got paid! 469-278-8258
Where did you go i hear some Boys been lookin for you better run and Hide Dude!! Not sure what ya went and done now but guess it is bad BAD.. cause your websites are GONE!!

Bad Boys Bad Boys.. you need to get caught soon bro soon!!


This guy is a pro at scamming people. He already cancelled his last number 469-278-8258.
The twenty inc website doesn't work and he deleted his last project's Facebook page.
He was trying to scam people on the Vita Townhomes project in Farmers Branch, but the investors must have found out about his deals and kicked him out.
Did a little digging and his address is:
3824 Cedar Springs Suite 746. Dallas, TX 75219
Shae Vila is his girlfriend (fiancee?) and probably in on the scams. She has the marketing company vivie media.
Amazing how he gets a way with it.
I got a hot check and so many lies about everything. Does anyone have his education background?
Try 469-999-3613
Kevin is running a new scam under the alias "Titus Walker" of "The Tirus Group" he is not to be trusted. His "attorney" Meredith Villa is really his fiance/wife, Shea Sanchez. Some info I've dug up so far.

His Facebook:

Her Facebook:

I'm currently working on his personal address now, got a PI on it. Someone who has very little to lose is going to show up and make him pay dearly one day. Her cell # is 817-874-1730, the number he's used is 469-999-3613.

I've been given these business addresses so far:

2633 McKinney Ave, Ste 130-711 Dallas, Tx 75204

And: 1919 McKinney Ave, Dallas Tx 75204

Personal address coming soon, the others posted in this thread didn't get me very far.
Titus Walker.. Where did you come up with that name. Yea it is kinda Catchy, so tell us how you do it? Your a Genius that is a bit mis-guided but I am just Curious how you can take peoples money and then justify it in your mind that it was ok?
Are y’all ready to find this guy! He’s scammed me too and now I can’t pay my bills because this scumbag writes hot checks! What he doesn’t know is that I have a powerful attorney that is going to send him straight to jail god willing! Hey Kevin, get ready to pay for your state jail check felony! Here’s his new address:

The Katy
4719 Cole Ave
APT #762
Dallas, TX 75205

His new cell number is two one four seven zero eight one one zero six! Good luck to all those who he ripped and scammed, let’s get together and get this guy for good!!!!!
Quick update -
He’s skipping town so you better move quick all you interested people. He can be found in the common area of the downstairs lobby which he calls his office! What a joke! The address is in the previous post The Katy. He also might not respond to Kevin Richardson because he’s been going by Titus Walker! His fiance/wife, Shea Sanchez, can be found walking this grey piece of shit dog that looks like a mix between pug, bull dog, and a pig!

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