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Patricia Yigit. Patricia Maria de Andrade de Melo. Pan Turismo

Pan Turismo

Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo

This company (Pan Turismo) and this person Patricia Maria de Andrade de Melo OR Patricia Yigit ( as she use as a fake name ) are liars, scammers and cheaters.

We are Supreme Tourism ( Travel Services Company in Egypt ), we provided travel services for some groups from Pan Turismo, and we did our business in a very good way and with high quality, but this company (Pan Turismo) and Patricia Yigit didn't pay our money, they are professional cheaters, they sent fake bank documents and never stop lying.

9 months now, we are asking for our money, but they didn't pay, they just sent fake bank documents, and give hundred promises to pay but they didn't.

We are warning any travel company all over the world and warning all Brazilian to deal with this company, they will steal your money and may be will may be will hack your credit cards.

Also i'm warning all famous persons in Brazil, because this company invite some famous persons like writers, actors and so on, they make groups under their names, and at the end they didn't pay money to travel companies in other countries, which will affect your names (

They send me groups under the name of Mr. Marcio Godinho and Ms. Margaret Aquila ( You can check with these famous persons ).

Finally, i got information that this person Patricia Yigit OR Patricia Maria de Andrade de Melo (CPF 249.248.708-38, RG: 23.486.209-9) is a criminal wanted by the police, with a custody warrant issued since October 2018. (see arrest warrant via Research-peca).

There are dozens of lawsuits in the Brazilian courts and the blows are in the millions. Just search for the name of Patricia Maria de Andrade de Melo on the website of the Court of Justice of São Paulo to have access to the files in progress.

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