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Beata Czajkowska

Fraud, extortion, identity theft

Chicago/Barrington, Illinois

Beata Czajkowska, co-owner of EwelineB Fashion, LLC
Reported together with Ewelina Barlak for 3 bank frauds and identity theft (Citi Bank, City Credit Card, Quickbook Capital )
Reported also to Wheeling Police Department and Barrington Police Departmen, accused of extortion
Beata is using fake company agreements and appraisal to get business visa in US.
She is also using help from V-ce President of City Bank on Oak St in Chicago Shari Jallad, who opens and closes her Citi Bank accounts without SS# and valid visa.
Her last known addres is : 222 Frances Ln, Barrington, il 60010
Beata Czajkowska was thrown out of the house in Barrington for not paying the rent on July 30,2018.
She doesn't respond to any emails, phone calls, lettters from lawyers.
EwelineB Fashion, LLC is using two business addresses:
155 N. Michigan Ave, Suite 203, Chicago, Il 60601
Ice House Mall, Designer Store , 200 Applebee St, Suite 102, Il 60010
Phone numbers:
312 934 5525 Beata
or 312 678 4428 Ewelina Barlak
She may also use her daughter's phone 219 315 9494.
The reason for reporting this is beacause Beata tried to deceive all friends and acquaintances from NLP life and Business Coaching School in Chicago and she is looking for more new people.
As a NLP coach she is able to manipulate people. All her previous employees left the job for not paying them on time or receiving from her checks that returned due to insufficient funds.
She was doing that on purpose to delay payments.
EwelineB was also reported to IlL Department of Labor for unpaid salary.
I'm hoping to meet her someday at the court.
Beata was reported also to FBI and Homeland Security.
I'm fully aware of any consequences by posting this report.
I do have all information documented including bank statements from the account she did close last July, 2018.


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