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Jason david barrera

Can not trust destroys everything

Las vegas, Nevada

This man destroyed my home busted my doors told neighbors LIES ABOUT ME THEN called the cops after he put his hands on me and destroyed my stuff and. Stole my stuff. He stole my phone and got me kicked out of my place because the lies and the drama. He’s running from the law from assault with a deadly weapon from his last relationship. He seems to be the nicest man out there in fact he’s a complete peice of shit he’s a pathological liar and has nonregarss for the people around him he uses and abuses. Ladys think twice befor getting with their man as he is a meth user as well. He’s 5ft3 inches tAll and Mexican plays guitar and jams def tones. He took advantage of a lot younger girl who is autistic and had sexy with her.

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Can not trust destroys everything Can not trust destroys everything


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