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Ricardo Sousa (Sousa Cleaning)

Ricardo Sousa (Sousa Cleaning) - San Diego - Hillcrest - Crime

San Diego (Hillcrest neighborhood), California

Video of Crime:

The Crime Report for Ricardo Sousa's Misdemeanor Simple Battery Crime on 6/22/18 was submitted to the Prosecuting Agency (San Diego City Attorney's Office). It was submitted by the San Diego City Police Department (Western Division). The Prosecuting Agency has until 6/22/19 to file Charges based on the Statute of Limitations.

To verify the Case is with the Prosecuting Agency, call the Criminal Division (Records & Information) at 619-533-5560. If you give the Case number 1293124, date of birth of Ricardo (12/31/1988), and the date of the Crime (6/22/18) they will confirm they have the Case. They will tell Ricardo Sousa over the phone which California Penal Code section appears to have been Violated and that was listed in the Crime Report.

Misdemeanor Simple Battery has a maximum punishment of a $2,000 Fine plus six months in Jail.

The video appears to show Ricardo committing the Crime against the Victim. There appears to be no Lawful Self-Defense argument based on the video.

In case you want to contact Ricardo because you are concerned about his behavior, he goes to San Diego Gay Men's Chorus events. He also dresses in Drag and Cross Dresses. I believe that he may be Transgender.

His Facebook is:

His email address is:

He drives a dark grey Honda Civic. License plate 7XMJ024. If you see his car, stay away from him. I feel that he is physically dangerous in certain situations.

It is my understanding that he sometimes cleans houses in San Diego County. After watching the Crime video, I would definitely use someone else for cleaning and stop using Ricardo immediately.

A friend told me about Ricardo and I felt it was important to spread the word.

He goes on gay meet-up apps like Grindr and Scruff. If you see his profile, please click Report and then block him immediately. For your own safety.

Attached to this Whoscammedyou is a copy of the Crime Report from the Police. There is also a letter from the Prosecuting Agency confirming they have received the Crime Report.

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Ricardo Sousa (Sousa Cleaning) - San Diego - Hillcrest - Crime Ricardo Sousa (Sousa Cleaning) - San Diego - Hillcrest - Crime


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