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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 01/07/2018
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michael william falkenberg

beware don't get scamed by these 2

adeliade, elizabeth south

hi there do not trust these people by all mean's Michael William falkenberg and alanna wilmot. they will take you for or not as I know...has my mate there on home d his cousin mind you acting like they have his best interest at heart but really it's there's talked him into getting his stuff there so he had something 2 tinker with\do then played him started avoiding him waiting for him to go to sleep and fucking with him steeling his dad's car\ute he was fixing an thrashing the fuck out of it steeling his smokes money you name it has his centerlink and bank details trying 2 use his details or are parcels his 16 year old niece's motorbike and sell to mate bucky around corner mind you I know because I moved it away for him well back to his mums putting shit in his food said they poisned him really fucking with him thinks hes silly or dumb doesn't know I told him 2 go get it checked 2 make sure but your own flesh and blood what's the world comeing too people were already trying too take him for everything that's how he got in this predicament in the first place damn thef ing lieing crackheads wasn't even all his stuff so beware bagot rd Elizabeth south sa 5112 Michael and alanna and that's only half the story have a great day an give these buggers a hard time just like they are too my mate and his family they are 33 an 22 steeling from his mum and dad that are 66 an 67 this is there number ask for mick 0420808073 real peace's of work or should I say shit have a good one people


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