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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 01/04/2018
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Next Century Publishing/ Reader’s Legacy

Next Century Publishing?

Austin, Texas

Next Century Publishing/ Reader’s Legacy/

Don’t be suckered in by the nice and friendly employees and subcontractors, for they are “let go” without pay and used as scapegoats for this company’s severe inadequacies. The true problem lies in upper management as these
Clueless - Con Artist - Corrupt Corporate Clowns run this Circus with Conceit based solely on DECEIT. (there’s seven “C”s for you)
Management will not adhere to terms of their own written contract using excuses like “we don’t do that anymore...” Breach of contract is to be expected as this company leads one to wonder if they are actually a legitimate business or a front for a laundry operation.
Appropriately named, Next Century will take forever and never meet discussed deadlines or goals. Reader’s Leprosy should be dismembered and criminally charged. Their documented conduct deserves official investigation and audit.
The GoRead website has an air of distraught as unhappy and frustrated authors frantically beg to follow each other as the company claims to reach hundreds of thousands of readers. Nothing they claim is real, they will say anything to take your money.
Never has there been such an embarrassment to the self-publishing industry.
Better marketing content and organization could be accomplished by elementary school children.
Nothing discussed during verbal negotiations will hold true. Claims of transparency, trust and honest business ethics are nowhere to be found in this bottom of the barrel publishing company and their affiliates.
20/20 and Dateline could have a field day following up on these losers with all the documentation of their unethical and criminal practices.
Bottom line? Avoid these clowns like a nuclear detonation.


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