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  • Submitted: 12/17/2017
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Roman Jimenez

Tired of Roman Jimenez hurting people in San Diego

San Diego, California

I have just about had it with this guy and his antics. I’ve known Roman Jimenez for decades and we all know to stay away from this guy. He comes across as charming, wants to help you, but in reality he’s a pathological liar and I feel a psychopath as he doesn’t care who he hurts. He’s always stiring up drama, gossiping. And that would be bad enough, but the horrible thing is he takes it all to the next level. He will set out to lie and destroy anyone he doesn’t like. Literally.

I worked for the company Roman Jimenez helped destroy in 2014. I just heard again today about all of this and Roman’s fascination with trying to harm Latham Staples, the cofounder of the old company. I’ve kept quiet for long enough but I am sick of Roman’s petty and evil antics and people not knowing the facts and spreading what Roman says as truth.

1) Roman stated in an online blog post on SDGLN that Latham had stolen corporate funds. Nope. Didn’t happen. After Latham’s ex initially raised the concern Latham requested for an audit to be completed. Two accounting audits (one internal and one external) showed Latham had not done anything wrong. The board Chairman told Roman Jimenez this. The CFO even offered for Roman to review the financials but Roman didn’t bother. Instead he took the word of Thomas Guerra, Latham’s ex, who started the false claims. Btw, Thomas made up those false claims after learning that Latham had turned him into the police. Roman knew this but he ran with it anyway. Oh, and btw, Thomas Guerra has since been convicted and he went to prison for...LYING! Great source there, Roman! I guess you didn’t take Journalism Ethics 101?

Oh, and the big kicker....Roman Jimenez is the actual thief. He spent time in prison for corporate theft and he’s still paying over $100,000 in restitution.

2) Anyway, not only did Roman write the false article. He then sourced from Thomas Guerra the contact information of Latham’s family, business partners, employees, investors, and others. Roman tweeted, texted, emailed and Facebook messaged the false SDGLN piece to each of them. Yes, I got that Facebook message from you too, Roman. Proud of your work were ya? That you needed to personally reach out to people that you don’t normally converse with in order to make sure your lies would spread? Psychopathic!

For those who chose to respond by questioning the article Roman became combative. Roman even went so far as to harass the family of Dex Starr, someone that Latham briefly dated. When they wouldn’t provide information he suggested they provide he became combative with them too. And I don’t think Latham has even met these people.

It turns out Roman Jimenez has been harassing Latham’s associates, dating back to 2010 when Roman started harassing Ashton Hinton, a friend of Latham’s in Austin, Texas.

Regardless, and this is where the evil nature comes in, it’s one thing to have a beef with someone, but to continually threaten someone’s their loved ones just because you may not care for them shows malice.

3) Conflicts of Interest. Ethical “journalists” who have a conflict abstain from an article and let others who don’t have the conflict write the piece. But Roman clearly wanted to get out the false information that he either failed to disclose (or worse, they knew) to the editor and publisher of his past relationships with Latham and his ex. In fact, Latham’s ex was Roman’s roommate for a brief period of time. I’m aware of other conflicts but I’ve been asked by attorneys to not disclose those.

4) Roman just makes up blatant lies. For example, in the article Roman claims investors were claiming fraud. WRONG! You relied on bad sources with ulterior motives. The investors (minus one who is friends of Latham’s ex) are still friends with Latham. Nichole Shounder (see attachment) has been trying to get the city attorney to see that Roman and Thomas lied. Roman also wrote that business partnerships didn’t exist and he tried to portray Latham as a Con. I’ve never known Latham to lie. And once again these claims, had they just vetted them, were all proven false too. I’ve attached an email from a court filing showing the partnership between Latham and UCSD. It’s apparent in the email that Latham left a voice mail regarding Roman’s story to which the doctor affirms the partnership (see attached).

And the sad thing is that the whole time Roman was painting a picture of Latham living high on the hog, wining and dining all over town: but in reality Latham dedicated all he had to the company. He never took a paycheck, though he was entitled to one via his contract. He even roomed with someone else at the time so that he could save money and put everything he could toward the company. But some, and maybe Latham could have done better in preparing us, obviously didn’t understand the nature of how fiscally tight things are for those involved at the beginning of the start-up.

Oh, and btw, a few associates of the company had asked Latham if he could help them financially in any way as the launch date had been pushed back. He didn’t have to as he had gifted everyone founders shares in the company in advance of the company’s series A funding close, but he met them at an ATM and gave them $1,000 each. What these ungrateful idiots didn’t realize was that morning Latham had been attacked by his ex and had coffee thrown in his face by Thomas. Latham had been putting his own money into the company too and he was reaching his own financial hardship. But Latham didn’t say a word, he gave them all he had. They then trashed him for this.

5) Eleven associated with the company have now filed declarations with the San Diego Superior Court, all staring that the information in the SDGLN pieces are false. And Roman, stop with the lies. I don’t think anyone of us would perjur ourselves for Latham.

There are hundreds if not thousands of pages of court filings that now show Roman to be the liar. I’ve included just a few as examples.

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Tired of Roman Jimenez hurting people in San Diego Tired of Roman Jimenez hurting people in San Diego Tired of Roman Jimenez hurting people in San Diego


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Anyone who truly knows Roman Jimenez knows how despicable he hes. He's a liar and a con. His buddy Jonathan Hale is the lowest of the low as well.
Who Scammed You Commenter
Read more here to learn about these pieces of shit:

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