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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 12/13/2017
  • Severity: 10

Roman Jimenez

Roman Jimenez - con artist, liar, slander

San Diego, California

Roman Jimenez lives in San Diego, originally from Texas. He’s a horrible man, having hurt many people. He is the commissioner of the Américas Finest City softball ball league under NAAGA. He will treat you with his funny attitude until you no longer serve a purpose for him. Then he lies about you. He tries to act like he’s a jorurnalist, though he only writes when it’s to further his agenda or disparage others he doesn’t like. He’s in realty a tabloid reporter that hyped up fiction as if it’s real, only to hurt those he doesn’t like. He calls out others but funny because he himself is a convict, having spent time in prison for corporate theft of corporate materials. Liar, fraud!

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Roman Jimenez - con artist, liar, slander


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Looks like andrew latham staples is back. Fraud. Hey Latham you are going for an award of what? You cant deny facts.

Eviction by Azita Etemad 9-26-16
Eviction by Irvine Apartments 12-11-2012

Josue Garcia Ramirez put a protection order on you 09/10/12

Then you put protection orders om

Lisa Sue Kove
Thomas Guerrs

A big law suit against Latham by

John Macoviak
Meddoly Inc

More protection orders against

Jonathan Hale
Margie Palmer
Joshua Tucker

Employment charges against Latham by

Clayton Gibson

And Brent Allen Kostelecky filed domestic violence against you.

Now Latham tell us how you were wronged?
This information is public information.
You tell people all this never happened.

So, why are their real case numbers here?

Just tell the truth. You are the scam Latham.

What ever happened to that concert?

Keep lying Latham. This is your karma talking.

If you tell people the truth most of the time we don't judge.
  • Allan
  • Submitted: 12/17/2017
Haha. Not Latham here. But good try Joey Lozada. Everyone knows it’s you. Either trying to destroy and tarnish Latham or Dex Starr, and today it’s once again Latham in your sights.

By the way it’s amazing how some friends could band together and file a bunch of suits against someone and then attempt to use public filings to then claim they are a bad person. You should know Latham won every suit, that is of those that wasn’t tossed out as frivolous by a judge.

I don’t know you other than all of the rumors in San Diego. What I can state is that the original post is factual. Roman Jimenez was involved in the demise of Latham’s first marriage. Roman has spread continual lies. And I know a lot about his behavior in his personal life that most would be shocked by. Roman is a fraud!
Who Scammed You Commenter
Joey, do you even know what the heck you are talking about? Stop trashing people if you don't know the facts.

It's easy to get court filing names online, but do you know the details?

The court cases by John Macoviak and Meddoly were dismissed as they were fraudulent. Clayton Gibson's was meritless as well and was dismissed. The case you are referring to regarding Brent Kostelecky is their divorce filing. Not sure how that is a bad thing? And the others were Staples' harassment filing against those named individuals.

Here is a bunch of stuff so that you'll have the facts.
Who Scammed You Commenter
Roman Jimenez and Jonathan Hale are both very horrible people. All they do is con others and spread lies. Read more about these cons here:

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