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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 12/01/2017
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Cornelia D. Lozada, Jr.

Fraudulent activity

Chelsea, Massachusetts

In 2012, Cornelio Lozada premeditated a fight with his ex partner. He held his partner on the sofa bruised his hands and ended up causing a collapsed lung. His partner fought back. But, the police sought a criminal offense against the partner. The partner had section 8 on that apartment. Cornelio who lived in the apartment sought a 209A order to prevent his partner to live there. Partner stayed away and made a plan with landlord and section 8 to break the lease and relocate. This made Cornelio upset and the two moved away from each other. Cornelio tried very hard to prove he was entitled to the section 8. In any event, Cornelio and his partner went to court. Partner had a good lawyer and nailed Cornelio. District attorney was up in arms and decided to ask the judge for a non conviction. Granted.

Cornelio has a bad history of being a tenant and always trying to sue someone due to his mindset of entitlement.

Previous address information:
Dorchester, MA
Salem, MA
Chelsea, MA
Colorado springs, CO
Malden, MA


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Cornelia is an evil person. His ex J is a person who is always bullied by people everywhere. Because he is too nice. Even out west people are mentally terriorizing him. Sick person like some one I know. People need to grow up. Pretentious lil boys don't have any right to bully anyone. J, there are people who care. The bullies will meet their bulky. Trust in your heart.

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