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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 11/24/2017
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work from home

cheltenham, GNW

This scam is similar than the one that I posted about here last week, which was about envelopefillers. As a matter of fact, same people might be behind these two. I suspect this, as they had same post service number that appeared on my statement. Anyway, this "company" promises you work from home, with great prospects of high earnings. They mention jobs relating to administration, ENVELOPE FILLING and so on. But there of course is the small matter of joining fee (£27). I was charged that twice, as I made some sort of mistake. And there was no correspondence from them, no confirmation that they received the payment(s). In fact they seem to have disappeared to the thin air s soon as they got their money. Except in this case they didn`t , as my bank luckily credited the money to my account immediately as I told them the details over the phone. So unfortunate person, who falls for this scam gets nothing for their money. Keep clear from their clutches and put the word around to stop others from falling to this scam. By the way, there was no e`mail address on their website, which is


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