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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 08/07/2017
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Sebastian Colce

Master deadbeat/racist/crooked

Winter Park, Florida

Sebastian and his white Hispanic supremacy run way and manipulate to the court system for get way children support and make its cheap and affordable for him and his white devil disfunctional family how his blame being too good and too white for take care his black son, same son his abandoned and neglected sick in hospital, Sebastian beat and abuse pregnant woman and put her in Street with 38 week pregnant for got married Dayanna Trujillo this beautiful Venezuela. Sebastian forced the mother of his black son going back to her ex husband domestic violence and Children abuse Sebastian said this guy abusive will be responsibility for raise his son.
Sebastian and Dayanna is a Baby dumping couples,now they live happy life in Key West soon in NY they moving a lot run way the court and law enforcement boths trick the American system for keep they life style and do not be present parent.

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Master deadbeat/racist/crooked Master deadbeat/racist/crooked


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Serves you right you dumb SJW bitch. Should have stuck to your own race instead of listening to the Jews at MTV telling you it's "cool" and "fashionable" to fuck outside your own race. You white women are so childish and gullible, you race traitor skank. 1488

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