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Randeth Adriano

Love Scammer

bulacan, malolos

this woman greets and talks to 'nice' guys pretending to have some struggles, by making up some stories and dramas, then being too nice, to the point of lying about having feelings for you. Once you get a bit attached, she would then ask you for some financial help. Sometimes she would say she needed medical attention of some sort, sometimes to help a family in need and she's struggling to juggle work and personal life and all that shit. This person actually uses someone else's photos to "attract" victims, which works. But then they're still scams, which needs to stop.
Randeth uses an alias, changes a lot from time to time. She would go as Kristine, or Anne, or Grace and uses the last name Fujita.She would also use pictures of a certain beauty, let's call her JO. Basically Randeth pretends to be this pretty girl, that is in great need. Then would tell dramas and some made up stories like her dad left them just recently and they're broke and all that shit, for some cash assistance. Funny though because you agreed to send her some money, she would give you her "brother's" details: Shotaro (Fujita) Yeah a guy with a Japanese name. His details is all you get. When you insist to get her details, she would make up shit like she got no IDs, that she lost them for whatever reasons and push that you send them to "her brother's" details as they can be used now.
At one time she would give you her number, but when you call, you'd think you're talking to "JO" but you're actually talking to "Shotaro's wife: Khaye. Now you may ask, where is Randeth in this whole shindig? She's that one chatting you on facebook. She wouldn't give you or want you to call her becasue she is also dating other guys, not as JO but as her real self. Now, how did i found out? Story (written in 4 years) cut short: we phished them. Below are the facebook accounts of these people.

Randeth Adriano:

Khaye DeMesa:

Shotaro Fujita:

You may say do I have evidences? Oh yeah, heaps of them. I can't show them here, as they're in the "right hands" now.

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