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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 05/14/2017
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Meesh LA

SCAM Queen

Los Angeles, California

Meesh LA,
A SCAM "Youtuber" who posts stupid videos of stuffing her face and then posing under multiple accounts to post "flattering" comments to her videos.
NOW this is the epitome of desperation and scamming for views.
"Meesh LA" also uses her ridiculous, unoriginal Youtube videos to slander and insult other Youtubers and even many A-List celebrities in Hollywood (where she very desperately tries to get work as an "extra," but is NOT having any luck--hence the Youtube videos, in which she defames and puts down celebrities for attention).
She'll do anything for views and attention.
NO other Youtubers have ever so stupidly ruined their chances for employment (IF she ever had any chance) and risked getting banned from Hollywood by being so insultive and slanderous.
"Meesh LA" is an extremely hypocritical, rude, mean, UNeloquent WRECK.

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