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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 04/18/2017
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Aeromax direct co

Large amount drawn out of my account by aeromax no questions I was told I ly 1400 when. They took 27600


Aeromax Direct Co

A company selling a product Invests Share educational tool, they are going around the country to sell you educational tool on how to do investments. They dress it up all nice by offering you a R5000 sign up bonus to start you off with after you pay a small amount of R1400.

The rep comes to your house to explain everything to you, in the comfort of your home. After explaining all to you the rep will be using a wireless card reader for easy payments on the spot. Within a couple of days he will call you to get you started. All sounds good and we are on our way to the stock market. Great!!

NOT SO GREAT!!! Here's what really happens...... Rep comes to your house feeds you a lot of bull, makes you believe that its only R1400. When in fact as soon as he gets hold of your bank card and does a transaction he emptys out your hole bank account, and more he ripped me for almost 30000. I'm wanting to warn everyone out there to be careful of these people scams. As already the country is going down hill don't allow people to scam you out of your hard earned money. Let us all work together and close this company down and get our money back.

Company details: Aeromax direct co
Po box 11795 Queenswood Pretoria 0121
Office p14 Pro Equity Court 1250 Pretorius street Hatfield 0028
Consultant no. 083 867 4705 (f) 086 604 0417 (tell) 012 111 0859

The site looks very legit as for the money they stole from me was more then what I had saved up. Is this really what people should be doing to each other. Our country is in junk status because of people scamming. Put a stop to this today!!!

Dillon is the name of the consultant that scaled me. Please take note that they are traveling all over South Africa taking as many people as they can for a ride. Don't let this happen to someone you know repost and share. Thank you for helping the truth get out there


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I was also scammed by these parasites masquerading as human beings. I am now being threatened with a law suit and black listing as they only managed to get R11 000.00 out of me and are wanting the balance of R16 600.00. They have been operating for many years and when threatening noises are made against them they simply shut down one business and start up another in a new name and merrily continue to scam innocent people.They are a law unto seems that they are not only in the business of scamming but also have a legal practice with which they use to bleed their innocent victims of their hard earned money. They are preying on the elderly...recently retired folks who have to look to a way of supplementing their retirement payouts. How do these despicable parasites manage to sleep at night knowing what they do?????

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